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Retail Projects

We create an appealing environment, keeping in mind about the brand of customers & helping to communicate a message about their

Café Eclat

In light of the clear-cut European tendencies, the Café Eclat is a mammoth of beautiful furniture imposing with high kitchen for baking and ice-cream and is more customized for the client with the best experiences for their customers having the experience of some high-class seating with spacious passage areas.

From the get-go, you are greeted with a burst of colors and right quality by nurturing more or less with the same European theme, we have also ensured the clear design for the coffee shop  without any confusion.

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21 Extra with the decades endeavour along with the rapid evolution of the requirements, we coordinate the concept and the reality. We are constantly striving to create the highly advanced exemplary work integrating the ideas, shapes, and colour with space.