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Commercial Projects

Our designers are the professionals who will create and direct the construction or renovation of commercial spaces. From selecting the materials, layout, space distribution, interior walls arrangement we be the director of all relationships between all related professionals working in the construction project. With the intensity and diversity, we are widely specialised in creating or modifying office building, retails, warehouses etc. With architectural knowledge, our design concept with decoration and themes will help our clients with functional and proper space distribution.

Our Projects

Here are few executed projects by the team of professionals at 21 Extra. Our work includes the design in Retail, Commercial, and Residential.

Commercial Projects

Kashtech, a software company

We rarely hear comments on the furniture’s and interior designs in a corporate office or any commercial office. Considering the advancement in technology and importance of having right interiors at a work place, we have offered a beautiful design for 100+ high quality seating for a US based Software Company with all the right equipment that helps the employees feel less stressed; while using the m ...

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Our esteemed services

21 Extra with the decades endeavour along with the rapid evolution of the requirements, we coordinate the concept and the reality. We are constantly striving to create the highly advanced exemplary work integrating the ideas, shapes, and colour with space.